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Project 80/20: Your First and Only Stop for SEO

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Simplicity for SEO in Wilmington, Delaware

Project 80/20: Your First and Only Stop for SEO in Wilmington, Delaware

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Project 80/20 offers first in class SEO in Wilmington, Delaware! Our Search Engine Optimization services give your business the tools it needs to grow. Does your business need market specific copy to grow your online presence? Does it need help in Google search engine rankings? How about custom video content crafted to not only market your business but to give your customers the perfect first impression on your website. Project 80/20’s custom SEO in Wilmington, Delaware does that and more!

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Give us a call at (302)-353-9591 or email us at to get in touch. From there we set up your free consultation which includes a site audit and content strategy session. Coffee included (iced or hot) upon request. 

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of improving your website’s health as it pertains to structure, content and user accessibility to improve its ranking on Google. 

How’s that happen? Google has key analytics (Which can change at any given time due to algorithm changes on their end) which look for specific items such as website speed, content structure, keyword forward content and website health. Running an SEO campaign with Project 80/20 of Wilmington, Delaware will give your website a chance to improve in all of these aspects. 

Keywords are the key to Google’s heart. Keywords define what your products main intention is about. They’re the words or phrases you would type into Google’s search bar. Whoever’s website is the most established for those particular searches will end up atop the SERP (Search Engine Result Page.) Crafting a website filled with thoughtfully place keywords is not only better for your customer experience but gives your business a better chance to rank higher on the SERPs you want!

Infusing your business’s website with an SEO rich strategy not only is the most important thing you can do to grow your presence on Google but it’s the best way to make your customers happy. That’s where Wilmington, Delaware’s SEO company, Project 80/20, comes in. We understand that digital markets are more demanding than ever and we can help today!

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is the practice of improving your company’s website to a) improve the customer experience and b) improve your website’s ranking on Google. The higher your rank in a given search the more traffic is directed to your website. The more traffic on your website, the more sales you make. Project 80/20’s SEO makes it easy to succeed! 

Our SEO company in Wilmington, Delaware first takes a deep dive into your website using our various auditing tools. This gives us key analytics on your website vitals like: how many people are visiting your website every month, how long are they staying on your website when they get there, what errors are deterring Google from giving your website a better ranking and how optimized your copy actually is. These are just a few examples we work from in the initial consultation with your business.


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